Powerful, professional-level ice-compression therapy for daily relief.

Hyperice wraps provide precise cryo-compression therapy that alleviates everyday aches & pains. These machine-washable neoprene wraps use compression to hold ultra-thin antimicrobial ice cells — delivering hands-free cooling relief, instantly.


4 Benefits of cold and compression therapy.

Welcome to the forefront of recovery technology with Hyperice. Our innovative recovery wearables offer hands-free cold and compression therapy, completely eliminating the need to use an ice pack ever again.

Reduce inflammation

The combination of cold and compression offers swift relief by effectively reducing inflammation. The cold constricts blood vessels, limiting blood flow to the affected area, and the compression further enhances this process by exerting pressure, which helps to prevent fluid buildup and ease swelling.

Accelerate healing

The dual-action allows you to get back to your normal activities much sooner. By narrowing blood vessels, cold therapy reduces blood flow to the injured area, thereby minimising muscle damage and promoting faster healing. Compression complements this by providing support and stability to the affected area, facilitating optimal conditions for muscle recovery.

Relieve your pain

Cryo-compression therapy provides effective pain relief. Cold therapy numbs the area and helps alleviate acute pain, while compression therapy reduces muscle fatigue, so you can feel your absolute best faster.

Increase your range of motion

One of the key benefits of cold and compression therapy is its ability to improve your range of motion by promoting muscle relaxation, reducing stiffness, and increasing flexibility. This is beneficial for both chronic conditions or acute injuries.

Choosing the best Hyperice wrap for your needs

Hyperice Wraps are available in three specialised variants:

  • Hyperice Shoulder: This model is specifically designed to cater to shoulder recovery, providing targeted and effective treatment.
  • Hyperice Knee: Tailored for knee recovery, it ensures precise treatment for one of the most common areas of injury.
  • Hyperice Back: This variant is made for treating and/or preventing lower back spasms, pain, and strains.

All models share the same features of Hyperice but are uniquely crafted to focus on specific body parts, ensuring focused and effective recovery. Some of the standout features of Hyperice wraps include:

  • Consistent and effective cryo-compression therapy for comprehensive pain relief and muscle relaxation.
  • Made with machine-washable neoprene material.
  • Patented air-release valve for extra cold surface contact.
  • It is specially designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking top-tier recovery solutions.
  • Easy to use & comfortable to wear.

Behind the science of Hyperice

Recover faster & always stay active. Our wraps combine compression and ice therapy for powerful pain relief, reducing muscle soreness and swelling, all while allowing you to maintain your mobility. Hands-free icing designed for athletes who push their limits and demand fast recovery.

How to use Hyperice wraps

Hyperice wraps are user-friendly and comfortable. Simply select the appropriate model, whether for the shoulder, back or knee & insert the Ice Cell into the compression wrap. Place on the body and apply the compression straps to the desired level of compression. Lightly press the air release valve to remove air from the Ice Cell. For added compression, re-tighten the compression straps after the air has been released.

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