Grand Final Sale 20% Off Selected Products

*does not include Legacy and Go packs

Heal Better & Accelerate Your Muscle Recovery


20% Off All Normatec

Backed by science and used by the best athletes on the planet, Normatec’s dynamic air compression increases circulation and reduces soreness. Don’t miss out while stocks last.


Vyper line - 20% off

Get ready to have your best workout ever with the all-new Vyper 3 and Vyper Go vibrating fitness rollers. Vyper’s powerful vibration will leave your muscles feeling primed and ready to go.
20% off entire line.

Hypersphere line - 20% off

The Hypersphere line gives you the perfect combination of pinpoint relief and portability. Three speeds of vibration massage help you unlock tight muscles.
20% off the entire line.

Vyper + Hypersphere Grand Final Sale!

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