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Hyperice Black Friday Sale

hyperice black friday sale

The holidays are fast approaching, and the best Hyperice tech is on sale. This year's holiday season may seem more chaotic than usual. Whether you're looking for this season's hottest tech, tracking down budget-friendly options, or ready to take your wellness routine to the next level, navigate this season like a pro with our helpful guide below.

Don't miss out on the best prices of the year.

Need help picking out the perfect gift? Wondering about which piece of tech is right for you? Our HyperCare team is happy to answer all of your product questions—and suggest new tech you’ll love.

Featured deals

Helps athletes who want to train smarter, go faster, and reach new heights of performance.
The Hypervolt Plus is the strongest and most advanced percussion massage device in the world.
The quietest percussion massage device you can find, now fully connected for automated use with the Hyperice App.

15% Off tech

Localized heat helps warm, loosen, and relax sore and stiff muscles and can reduce pain and inflammation in sub-acute and late-stage injuries.
Promoting the body’s recovery from aches and pains, and helping enhance range of motion.
Combines cold and compression to help pump away edema, reduce swelling, and soothe away pain.

Trending Picks

Designed with simplicity in mind. Ultra lightweight at 1.5 pounds and 30% smaller than the Hypervolt.
Powerful yet small, the Hypersphere helps unlock the body using high-intensity vibration and pressure.
Hypersphere Mini. Cordless, compact design – perfect for travel and on-the-go (TSA approved carry on).
Treat the entire lower body with attachments for the legs and hips.
Portable two-part cryotherapy device featuring our patented air-release valve.
Cutting-edge, digitally connected, portable heat and vibration wearable.