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Normatec Pneumatic Compression

normatec pneumatic compression

You might have seen people wearing the Normatec “space pants” on social media, or at an event like an IRONMAN race, WODapalooza, or a marathon, and wondered why one would wear these inflatable boots, and what they could help with. Well we’ve got your answers. Learn about all the wellness benefits of Normatec’s patented dynamic compression technology, some impressive independent research studies on its effectiveness, and a little history on how Normatec evolved from helping patients with circulatory conditions to being relied on by over 97% of pro teams in the US, Olympians, and fitness and wellness enthusiasts around the globe.

Normatec was invented in 1998 by Dr. Laura Jacobs, a physician who also has a Doctorate in Engineering, in response to a desperate need for new technology to rapidly and non-invasively treat patients with circulation-related disorders. Dr. Jacobs developed a pattern of compression massage that replicates the skeletal muscle pump of the body, the one-way valves of the venous system, and peristalsis (cyclical waves of compression), all to more effectively mobilize fluid in the body and speed recovery. The pneumatic compression system that she created was incredibly effective. It improved mobility and provided profound healing results for patients with conditions including lymphedema, venous insufficiency, non-healing wounds, and other circulatory conditions.

Dr. Jeff Martin, a physiology expert with a PhD in Health and Human Performance from the University of Florida explained it best when he stated, “The design of the system to mimic human physiology in augmenting circulation for recovery, including venous and lymphatic flow, and the ease of accessibility is what initially attracted me to learn more about the Normatec products.” Dr. Martin found through his numerous research studies on Normatec’s patented compression that, “…while it was not surprising to see that Normatec is effective in increasing circulation and improves related outcomes (e.g., metabolite clearance, tissue oxygenation, soreness, etc.), what has been really interesting to see is that it appears to also have an effect on the cellular level that may create a more favorable biochemical environment for vascular health, tissue recovery, growth and healing.”

After observing the overwhelmingly positive benefits of Normatec technology with patients, Dr. Jacobs and her son, Gilad Jacobs recognized that its ability to effectively increase circulation would also be beneficial to athletes. Gilad Jacobs, Chief Innovation Officer at Hyperice, worked closely with professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and IRONMAN triathlon community to pioneer the evolution of the technology to help athletes recover faster, improve their training, and maximize their performance.

The Normatec Pulse 2.0 and Pulse Pro 2.0 Systems by Hyperice use patented compression science to increase circulation and oxygenation in limb tissues, which speeds recovery times and reduces pain, soreness, tension, and swelling.

Dr. Martin notes that using Normatec is similar to “an opportunity for active recovery-like benefits without being active or on your feet. The ability to use the Normatec device in down times, during travel, before bed, etc. expands the opportunities for significant recovery gains outside of the traditional interventions and requiring little cognitive or physical engagement.”

Recent independent research studies suggest that Normatec also has deeper physiological benefits, including reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress, enhanced clearance of metabolites, expanded range of motion, decreased muscular fatigue following acute exercise, and an increased pressure to pain threshold. These findings, paired with existing data and a rich history of success, strengthen Normatec’s position as an incredible asset for those dealing with circulatory issues as well as anybody looking for a wellness boost for their active lifestyle.