Workplace Wellness Program
At Hyperice, we partner with forward-thinking companies to plan, inspire, and develop cutting-edge programs for optimizing employees’ well being and improving performance in the workplace.

By incorporating our world-class education, training curriculum and state-of-the-art technology, the Hyperice wellness program integrates into your culture seamlessly.
Workplace Wellness Program at Stance HQ
Enhancing Employees’ Well-Being
“I saw how great Hyperice was after seeing our employees moving and feeling physically better. When the employees are not in pain, they’re functioning better and in turn their productivity goes up!”
Easy to use in any environment
State-of-the-art engineering is our foundation, and innovation is our mindset. All Hyperice technology is designed to improve the physiology of the body effectively and efficiently.
Cutting-Edge Solutions
From the infrastructure to the culture, every office is unique. Hyperice’s Corporate Wellness Team will develop and help integrate the most effective, and healthy solutions for your company.
Wellness Pods
Encapsulate health, by creating a wellness space within your workplace. Customizable to your company’s aesthetic and culture, the Hyperice Wellness Pod is intended for relaxation, rejuvenation, and a place to re-focus throughout the workday.
Charging Stations
Hyperice Wellness Pods
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