Recovery Day = Recharge Day

Recovery Day = Recharge Day


Vyper Foam Roller


Our fitness goals for 2021 are well underway, but perhaps we may have forgotten one crucial part of the equation….RECOVERY!

1.     Change your mindset Hyperice believes every single one of us is an athlete, and as an athlete you must treat your rest day as an opportunity. Therefore, treat your rest/recovery day with the same value as the rest of your workout regimen. Recovery is not the same as rest. Some people would justify rest day as the chance to be a couch potato, when instead your rest day is the essential time to prepare and “recharge” your body for the week ahead.

2.     Plan your recovery- Just like you signup ahead of time for your next training class, or plan out your personal workout , it is important to plan your recovery with the proper tools.  Perhaps, you are still recovering from an injury or  are experience swelling in a specific area- In this instance, Ice compression therapy should be your go to. Hyperice ICT was designed with this in mind, developing a series of ice compression wraps combined with our patented air release valve,  giving you the optimal recovery.. However, if you are just feeling sore all over or have those “knots” to workout, consider foam rolling.

“Foam uses deep compression to roll out muscle spasms and imbalances that develop over time. The compression causes the nerves to relax and loosens muscle, gets the blood flowing, and helps the body recover from workout and day-to- day living.” – Men’s Fitness

Combine this proven concept with Hyperice vibration technology and you can maximize your recovery workout (and with less pain) when compared to regular foam rolling, (our vibration technology has been designed to decrease the sensation to your pain receptors.)

3.     Accept the process- Allotting for recovery allows your body to adapt and recharge.  Adapting and evolving in your fitness goals involve key aspects and recovery is one of them. 

Without recovery we will plateau on our fitness journey. Keep striving for more and consider this next time you’re exhausted from your kick-ass week of workouts and need a “recharge” for your week ahead.   Plug in a new playlist, show your IG followers your recovery lifestyle @hypericeaus