Biomechanical Study Reports Significant Improvements in Athletic Performance Following Use of HYPERICE's VYPER

Biomechanical Study Reports Significant Improvements in Athletic Performance Following Use of HYPERICE's VYPER

Biomechanics Experts Identify a Positive Correlation Between VYPER's Vibration Therapy and Improved Range of Motion and Flexibility in Athletes

Hyperice, a global recovery and movement enhancement technology company, today reports the findings of a biomechanical study which links its VYPER, a high-intensity vibrating fitness roller engineered to deliver high frequency vibration into the body, to a significant increase in athletes' range of motion. Performed by biomechanics experts, Jean-Jacques Rivet (Head of Sport Performance & Applied Biomechanics at ETPI) and Martin Pronko (Biomechanics Engineer at Biomecaswing Sport Performance Center), the study was facilitated on 12 golfers mixed of professional and top amateurs. 

Through the implementation of the VYPER protocol, the researchers saw an average posterior muscle chain elasticity gain of 7.154 cm for the group of 12 players. This range of motion gain resulted in increased shot carry distance, (5.5 yards with a 6-iron, an equivalent of 12 yards with a driver), swing efficiency and overall performance. The elasticity gain also resulted in better footwork and better shot accuracy. The study's calculation of elasticity was based on the implementation of the VYPER protocol, utilized on the hamstrings and gluteal muscles before and after activity, (10 sessions of 6 minutes per session for a period of 3 weeks). 

"From the very origins of evolution, the human body was designed to withstand the effects of gravity. In the sports industry, we continue to seek superior ways to walk, move and position ourselves in order to improve athletic ability," said Jean-Jacques Rivet. "That innate desire to move better inspired the study, which led us to find that the VYPER's vibration technology significantly improves performance."

In the study, Rivet and Pronko found that the VYPER system, which combines auto-massage and vibration, is a major asset in muscle relaxation. The study's findings, which can be applied to any sport, concluded that this gain in elasticity sets off a chain reaction: allowing for superior footwork; influencing better centering of the clubface on the ball at impact; optimizing the transfer of energy in the ball; and increasing the distance synonymous with optimization of the golf swing.

"For years, professional athletes and devoted consumers have stated that they see improvements in their muscle recovery and athletic performance when using our vibration products -- VYPER and HYPERSPHERE," said Anthony Katz, founder of HYPERICE. "The findings from this study scientifically validate these claims, further establishing our reputation as the leader in fitness recovery and movement devices for athletes of all levels and sports." 

As the world's first high intensity vibrating fitness roller, VYPER delivers three speeds of vibration powered by a rechargeable 16.8V lithium ion battery. Used by elite athletes like Blake Griffin, Lindsey Vonn and Patrick Peterson, the device can be used to warm up and recover from a wide variety of sports training and competition. The VYPER's proprietary and scientifically backed combination of speed settings, frequency, weight and motor power allow for the differentiating performance currently being utilized in over 65 countries worldwide. VYPER ($249.95) is available for purchase at